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The Shortlist for “2021 Taiwan Fashion Design Award” has been Officially Determined after the Preliminary Selection: among New Designers from 18 Countries and Regions

The 35th “Taiwan Fashion Design Award” received more than 450 submissions from not only designers of Taiwan but also those from other 17 overseas countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Australia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, and Peru. In nearly three months from now, the 12 new but promising designers shortlisted for the final are going to have the final competition at Taipei Fashion Week SS22 on October 6. The winner of the first prize will be awarded US$10,000, and US$5,000, 3,000, and 1,000 will be awarded to the 2nd, 3rd prize winners, and the other finalists, respectively.


The entries of this Year are mostly inspired by the personal emotions and the daily life experience of the designers themselves, such as the nostalgic memories from childhood, the will of self-breakthrough, the self-identity of outsiders, the yearning for hometowns and parents, or particular social and environmental perceptions such as feminism, lifestyle under the age of information explosion, religious beliefs, life reflections on the impact of the epidemic, as well as sustainable issues such as marine pollution, resource scarcity, and environmental regeneration. In addition, the all-encompassing inspiration elements include flowers and trees, movies, video games, music, cultures from various countries, and the integration of philosophical thoughts, in which time and space span across the realm of retro senses and modernity that bring abundant innovation and fun.


The fashion design emphasizes the diversified collocation from a single item, the versatility of various outfits, and the environmentally friendly concept of waste recycling, the breakthrough of limitations of fabrics, and the application of innovative ideas which refresh the fashion trends. Many items considered to be waste, such as fishing nets or plastics salvaged from the ocean, remnants from factories, and the seat belts and parts recovered from scrapped vehicles, etc., would be creatively used for clothing production, which would remodel and grant a new essence of “sustainability” to such waste. Subject to not at the expense of aesthetic essence, a good fashion design could ensure “versatility” and the pattern design incorporating material characteristics, such as adopting space cotton to display the graceful posture of women, reflective piping to improve wearing safety, and the ability to adjust the retraction and release of zipper according to different occasions. The clever use of “functional” fabrics such as the temperature-sensitive textiles indicating the change of human body temperature by changing the fabric colors, environmentally friendly elastic materials that resist dirt and crease, and collagen materials with cooling and beautification effects have all enhanced the freshness or comfort of wearing outfits.


The jury of preliminary selection is composed of fashion-related and cross-domain industry professionals, including Taiwanese senior fashion designers, fashion director of department store, the director of textiles and fashion design department of TTF and the editor in chief of ELLE Taiwan. The judges expressed that they were happy to see the adoption of concepts of recycling or reuse of materials for designing, the redesign process during the manufacturing, and even the emphasis on prolonging the life of clothing to provide more diversified outfit styles, which transformed the function of the fabrics into the clothing function friendly to the environment. Whereas the overseas designers boldly used diverse fabrics with multiple colors to achieve pleasant design, Taiwanese designers, who were essentially well-trained, appeared to be relatively self-constrained. The judges expected that each of the designers participating in the competition could freely and happily design their works. Overall, we had witnessed many breakthroughs in structures and prints, and the entries for the final would definitely be worth looking forward to.


The Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA) is organized by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs , and held by the Taiwan Textile Federation. In 2021, TFDA is sponsored and supported by Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., Coddy Global LTD., and Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation. The 12 pieces of entries from the finalists will be evaluated in the manner of fashion shows on October 6, and displayed at Taipei Fashion Week afterward. For more information, please visit:

TFDA Official Website:



【2021 TFDA Finalists】

Registration No.    Name

R049                      Tung, Li Rung
R061                      Yeh,  Yu Hsien
R132                      Lai, Ming Hao
R143                      Baéz Gamarra, Andrés David (Paraguay)
R171                      Lee, Claire
R234                      Chang, Chia Wei
R301                      Chen, Ching Lin
R313                      Chen, Chia Ching
R336                      Lu, Yu Chih
R345                      Hwang, Tzu En
R361                      Gajadeera, Ruwanthi Pavithra (Sri Lanka)
R416                      Chu, Yun Cheng


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