Launched in 1987 as a local contest, 2023 Taiwan Fashion Design Award marks its 37th edition. Hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and organized by the Taiwan Textile Federation, it’s the earliest official fashion competition in Asia. It was first opened as an international competition in 2013 (27th), and this year is the 10th international competition. The number of contestants exceeds 400 each year, including fashion design departments of universities and new talents who have entered the industry from Taiwan and overseas. The number of contestants in the past has exceeded 14,000, and the total number of winners has reached 287. Through the competition platform, encourage and explore outstanding design talents to enter the industry, and more than 90% of the past winners have becoming the backbone of it.

2023年04月08日 至 2023年06月30日
2023.04.08 ~ 2023.06.30

Self-selected design theme for menswear, womenswear or for both. However, rating will focus on CREATIVITY, SUSTAINABILITY, FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE to encourage contestants to pay more attention on global environmental issues, promote sustainable fashion, and observe social trends in depth. Contestants can present innovative ideas connected to the above topics in different aspects of inspiration, design, fabric, material, pattern-making, printing and details, etc.