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2020 Taiwan Fashion Design Award Final Contest Who among the 12 cutting-edge designers will win the top spot?

Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA), the major annual event in Asia’s fashion industry, will be held its final contest and awards ceremony on October 5th, 4 PM at Warehouse No.4 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. 12 finalists stand out from nearly 400 contesters who came from Asia, Europe, America and other regions, will be compete on the final stage for the first prize of US$10,000.


The jury of final contest is composed of International fashion icon and medias. With the pioneering real-time streaming jury method, the contest could remain its consistency of fairness and high standard, unaffected by the pandemic.


TFDA has been the most prominent local contest for new designers since 1987. Over the 34 years, it was organized by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan and executed by Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF). Since 2013, TFDA has been extended to be an international contest, thus drawing more and more students from overseas to participate in this contest. This year, contestants from 35 countries across the globe made the contest even more competitive than ever.


With nearly 400 designers contesting for the top spot this year, TFDA is also supported and sponsored by Taiwan’s local industry which encourage and value the talented, including Coddy Global Ltd., Eclat Education Foundation, Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd and Mega Bank C&E Foundation, contributing the total prize of US$ 35,000. TFDA will continue the efforts on achieving the goal of promoting international design talents with the strongly supports from both government and industries.  


Most of the contestants started their creative inspiration from the observation of environment, society and their own experience. The observations of nature, cognition of contemporary social phenomena, the thoughts and care of relatives and friends, and Inspiration by the spirits or symbolic of novel and movie characters are presented on their works. In addition to CREATIVITY, the contestants propose various approaches to SUSTAINABILITY, FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE, clothing can be manufactured with various materials and served with different functions and designs.


The final contest and the awards ceremony of 2020 Taiwan Fashion Design Award will be presented in the form of fashion runway show. Each of the 12 finalists will present 6 outfits in the runway to the jury, which will judge and announce the result of final contest at the scene. The one top spot will be rewarded with US$10,000 for the first prize, 2 US$5,000 rewards for the second prize, and 3 US$3,000 rewards for the third prize, which are best use of fabrics, best pattern making and best market potential.


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