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2020 Taiwan Fashion Design Award Top 12 Finalists Revealed

      Organized by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), the top 12 finalists of the 34th Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA) have been revealed.  Nearly 1000 works are submitted.  The 12 designers, standing out from 354 contestants, will present their collections on the runway during Taipei Fashion Week in October.


      The jury of preliminary selection is composed of fashion-related and cross-domain industry professionals, including Taiwanese senior fashion designers, general managers of shopping malls, the director of textiles and fashion design department of TTF and the consultant of ELLE magazine.  The jury has indicated that contestants this year emphasize the concept of sustainable fashion in different aspects, like material extraction, production, dressing and recycling.  Breaking the limitation of fabric use, they cleverly mix fashion and functional materials.  Deconstruction and reorganization are presented in clothing.  However, the reorganization and splicing method can also be a design skill to be judged.  It is recommended that the clothing should also need to be conforming to the bodies and comfortable to wear, so that the creativity can be perfectly presented.


      Most of the contestants started their creative inspiration from the observation of environment, society and their own experience.  There are observations of nature, such as wind, water waves, light and shadow.  Cognition of contemporary social phenomena, such as the blurring of gender boundaries, the impact of pandemic virus, the virtual interlacing and balance of technology and reality.  The thoughts and care of relatives and friends.  Inspired by the spirits or symbolic of novel characters, movies, historical or mythological symbols, etc.  In addition to CREATIVITY, the contestants propose various approaches to SUSTAINABILITY, FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE.  In terms of SUSTAINABILITY, they try to recycle or reuse materials to reduce the environmental burden of fast fashion.  In terms of FUNCTION, clothing can be disassembled into different functions or appearances to suit different occasions, and can even be partially disassembled into tents and hammocks for outdoor use.  In terms of PERFORMANCE, there are moisture permeability, wind resistance, dirt resistance, breathability, high strength, biodegradability, anti-crepe, etc.


      There are also overseas contestants from United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.  The collections provide exotic vision of imaginations.  For instance, integration of the ideas of the mountain tribes and the disco era.  The conversion of the symptoms and images caused by skin allergies.  The integration of sports and tailoring of suits.


      TFDA has been cultivated numerous new designers since 1987.  It is sponsored by Coddy Global Ltd., Eclat Textile Co., Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation and Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd. this year.


      The winners will be chosen from the 12 finalists during Taipei Fashion Week in October.  The latest news will continually updated on TFDA Official Website:




2020 TFDA Finalists

Registration No.     Name

R035                        Chen, Wen Yu

R048                        Chong, Hoiho (Hong Kong)

R051                        Yu, Xinyi

R082                        Tsai Hui-Hsuan

R112                        Kuo, Hang Sheng

R140                        Wang, Yi Hung

R173                        Tang, Tsung-Chien

R181                        Chen, Ching-Lin

R195                        Sung, Wei

R224                        Hou, Qinglin (China)

R244                        Hsieh, Yi-Ting

R268                        Ding, Yong-Heng 


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