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Hu, Jun Cheng 's work moved the audiences and won the honor of First Prize at 2023 Taiwan Fashion Design Awards (TFDA).

      The highly anticipated 2023 TFDA final selection show has taken place on the 11th at Warehouse 1 of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Approximately 650 guests gathered together to participate in this grand event. TFDA is an international competition that brings together talented fashion enthusiasts from all over the world, attracting emerging participants from leading international fashion schools.

      The first prize was awarded to Hu, Jun Cheng from Taiwan, whose creation, Koto Harvest, received high praise from the judges. Standing out from among 485 participants representing 19 countries and regions across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and winning US$10,000. The Second Prize winners were equally impressive, with Han, Shun Zhi's work First Time and Tseng, Fang Lin's work Nada" each earning them US$5,000. Furthermore, three individuals, Huang, Yung Chi, Wang, Yu Hsin and Chuang, Hsiang Chuan, were honored with special recognition awards, including the Best Use of Fabrics, the Best Pattern Making and the Best Market Potential, each receiving a prize of US$3,000.


【The international judging panel is formidable! Award winners prioritize sustainability and innovation.】

      It’s an honor to invite fashion luminaries and iconic fashion media from the international fashion industry to form the judging panel, comprising renowned designers Fujiwara Dai (Japan), Maroussia Rebecq (France), and Stephane Dou (Taiwan). Fashion media professionals include Ellen Yang (Taiwan), Publisher & Chief Operating Officer of Hearst Taiwan, and Valéria Bessolo Llopiz (France), Senior Vice President and International Director of ELLE & ELLE DECO. Furthermore, industry experts Tomonori Matsui (Japan), CEO of ONE O Ltd., Stephanie Kuo(Taiwan), Fashion Director of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Co., Ltd., and Charlotte Chiang (Taiwan), Director of TTF's Fashion Design Department.

      The panel noted that this edition's creativity was astonishing, cleverly infusing ancient weaving techniques with contemporary aesthetics, offering a fresh reinterpretation of clothing. The material selection was equally innovative, with washable leather paper pieced together to resemble online shopping boxes, adding a visually engaging and textural appeal. The concept of using detachable and reconfigurable components also elevated practicality to new heights. Each piece showcased its uniqueness, presenting a diverse array of creative styles.


【Industry, government, and academia working together in unity to collectively shape a sustainable future for Taiwan's fashion industry.】

      Over the past 37 years, Industrial Development Administration (IDA), Ministry of Economic Affairs has invested significant resources in facilitating collaborative efforts with private enterprises to drive the fashion design industry. This long-lasting commitment helps emerging designers continue to develop sustainable designs and enhances the competitiveness of Taiwan's fashion industry. Taiwan Textile Federation is entrusted with organizing the competition, with the goal of discovering fashion design talents, advancing post-competition nurturing efforts, promoting industry integration, and aiding emerging designers in overcoming challenges encountered during the product launch phase. To meet corporate needs, TFDA facilitates connections between winners and potential business partners, with the aim of securing additional collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, many emerging designers have joined forces with retail and distribution partners to collectively market their products in both domestic and international markets. This collaborative approach fosters brand differentiation and facilitates swift market penetration, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties involved. Over the past five years, it has also collaborated with Taipei Fashion Week and Ministry of Culture, providing emerging designers with an international platform and opportunities for ongoing brand development.

      This year, in addition to a total sponsorship of US$35,000 from Coddy Global Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., and New Wide Garment Co., Ltd., Samsung has graciously provided their flagship Galaxy Tab S series tablets for the dynamic judging of the fashion designs during the finals.

      All the finalist works will be showcased in collaboration with Taipei Fashion Week at Warehouse 2 of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, running continuously until October 16th. Welcome to visit and show the support for these emerging talents through your presence.


Winners of 2023 Taiwan Fashion Design Award:

First Prize      Hu, Jun Cheng      Koto Harvest

Second Prize      Han, Shun Zhi      First Time

Second Prize      Tseng, Fang Lin      Nada

Third prize – Best Use of Fabrics      Huang, Yung Chi      To see a world in a grain of sand

Third prize – Best Pattern Making      Wang, Yu Hsin      17-year Cicada

Third prize – Best Market Potential      Chuang, Hsiang Chuan      In The Cartons


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