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2023 Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA) Calling for Young Talents around the World. A Stage for Your Fashion Dream to Shine!

      TFDA is organized by Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF). The competition draws in hundreds of submissions from up-and-coming fashion designers across the world. Through cultural exchange and by learning from one another, these designers elevate their design skills and gain new creative inspirations. Now in its 37th edition, this time-honored competition continues to play a significant role in discovering new talents in the fashion industry and improving the design capabilities as a whole. Most contestants have worked their way through the fashion industry for years to become industry stalwarts, such as Wilson Choi (REDEMPTIVE), Hoiho Chong (Yamaguest), Ruwanthi Gajadeera(kǣli), Andrés David Baez (Andres Baez prêt à couture), Gioia Pan, Stephane Dou and Yu-Gin Changlee (DOUCHANGLEE), Chun-Yuan Jean (C Jean), Justin Chou (JUST IN XX), Bei Lee (Dleet), Li-Ling Wang (WANGLILING), Yuan-Lung Kao (Syzygy), Austin Wu, Chia-Hung Cheng (John Zucca), Chian-Ning Wan (G1GO), Chia-Huang Yang (Phoenix Yang), etc.                     


      The 2023 TFDA competition has started and open for worldwide talents to apply on the official website until June 30th. Designers are encouraged to use their imagination and observation skills and to approach their designs from different perspectives to combine CREATIVITY, SUSTAINABILITY, FUNCTION and PERFORMANCE. The host will invite experts from around the world to select 12 outstanding finalists in mid-July.


      Novel concepts and creativeness are important foundations for the sustainable and circular development of the industry. Each year, the fashion industry is invigorated by numerous new talents, and the TFDA platform provides them with the opportunity to showcase their skills on the international stage of Taipei Fashion Week, drawing attention from fashion professionals and media worldwide. Finalists can also apply to participate in the "New Breed Show" at Taipei Fashion Week, which provides them with more opportunities to interact with industry professionals and buyers, establish business partnerships, expand their markets and customer base, attract attention from potential consumers, and increase sales and revenue in the early stages of brand establishment. Through mutual exchange and learning with other emerging designers, they can sharpen their practical skills to establish a strong presence in the market. For instance, Ming-Hao Lai, who won Best Market Potential in 2021, participated in the New Breed Show in March 2022, founded the brand HORSE LAI in July, participated in the APEC summit along with designers from 21 member nations in November, and was independently selected for Taipei Fashion Week's AW23 with his personal brand this March.


      Over the past 36 years, TFDA has attracted nearly 14,000 participants. Since expanding to become a global competition in 2013, it has attracted nearly a thousand international participants who have submitted entries from all over the world, including Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many others. Some of these international participants have won awards.  The first prize winner of 2021, Ruwanthi Pavithra Gajadeera from Sri Lanka, shares the significant impact of her participation in the competition on her career. “Winning the TFDA award was a significant turning point in my career and the exposure received through the contest was invaluable.  The prize money also provided financial stability to kickstart my brand, enabling me to take on more significant projects and generate increased revenue.” Participating in TFDA help young talents increase their visibility in the fashion industry and make their dream come true.


      In addition to government funding, TFDA has also received sponsorship from various industry and academic parties. This year, TFDA is honored to have the support of Coddy Global Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., and New Wide Garment Co., Ltd. These companies jointly contributed the prize reward of US$35,000 to encourage new talents to join the competition.


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