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2022 Taiwan Fashion Design Award -First Prize Revealed Hu, Jun Cheng won the championship by reason of Merging with Design sense, Marketability and Sustainable Concept.

      The final round and the ceremony of 2022 Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA) was held at Warehouse No. 4 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei. There were 650 guests from the industry, government, and academic circles. TFDA has been upgraded to be an international competition since 2013 (27th) to gather design talents worldwide and attract international fashion elites to participate in the competition. The winner of this year is Hu, Jun Cheng from Taiwan. The work, “Century of the sword” appeals to fashion, aesthetics, market potential, and spirit of sustainability with favor from the judges. The Winner was selected from nearly 460 participants from 17 countries in Europe, the U.S., and Asia, receiving USD10,000 in a prize. The other designs closely following the winner also reflect different features. Lin, Yueh Yu and Yang, Chia Huang won the Second Prize with “The Magnetism” and “The Beautiful People”, and each received a prize worth USD5,000. Three participants, Wang, Hao Ru, Wan, Chian Ning and Tsai, Yu Chen, were awarded Third Price (best use of fabrics, best pattern making, and best market potential) and received a prize worth USD3,000 respectively.


【International judge team comments on the new designers with a positive affirmation for their remarkable works】

      International fashion artists and iconic fashion media formed the judging team, including French boutique designer Pascal Millet, Taiwan fashion designer Stephane Dou, ELLE international Director Valéria Bessolo Llopiz, Inside Fashion Managing Director Jane Singer, Japan’s ONE O Ltd. CEO Tomonori Matsui, and Taiwan Textile Federation Design Department Director Charlotte Chiang. Although international judges could not be present in person due to the epidemic, the global live broadcast and online scoring mechanism have simultaneously established links in France, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The jury considers that the works use very mature skills to integrate the sustainability into the design. The precise calculation of materials on the patterned pieces, and the whole garment technology make no yarn waste. Reinterpretation the aesthetics of discarded materials also make the design unique. The clothing continues the life cycle with an emotional aspect. Multiple combinations of single products also reduce the chance of clothing being eliminated. Cherish the resources we have. In addition, there are also some eye-catching designs. The use of functional materials to interpret the version of the western sword protective clothing, or the 3D knitted ruffles using heat-setting yarn to shape magnetic lines of force. The breakthrough presentation techniques, such as gesture-sensing actuation mechanisms that roll up reflective fabric to simulate the opening and closing of lizard scales for thermoregulation add interest and a stunning look.


【The Government-Private Business Cooperation Fostering Sustainability Design and Creating an International Fashion Platform】

      Over the past 36 years, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB) has invested in massive resources and entrusted Taiwan Textile Federation to establish this operating mechanism, consolidating the help from private enterprises to jointly promote the development and competitiveness of Taiwan's apparel industries. The Taipei Fashion Week series organized by the Ministry of Culture in the last four years have provided new talents with an international professional venue. Facing the environmental changes, with the joint promotion by industry, government, and academic circle, TFDA expects the designers to sow the seeds of sustainability for the industries, thereby encouraging the utilization of design ideas for the implementation of sustainability concepts, from the material use and apparel design origin. The use of design ideas can be used to implement concepts of sustainability and thereby upgrade the design of sustainability as the regular design. This year, Coddy Global Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., and New Wide Garment Co., Ltd. have jointly sponsored a total price worth US$35,000.


      All finalist works will be displayed in Warehouse No. 3 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park until October 17 in conjunction with the series of Taipei Fashion Week activities. Welcome to visit and enjoy the wonderful works!


Winners of 2022 Taiwan Fashion Design Award:

First Prize    Hu, Jun Cheng   Century of the sword

Second Prize   Lin, Yueh Yu    The Magnetism

Second Prize   Yang, Chia Huang   The Beautiful People

Third prize - Best Use of Fabrics   Wang, Hao Ru   Lost & Found

Third prize - Best Pattern Making   Wan, Chian Ning   Unusual Beauty

Third prize - Best Market Potential   Tsai, Yu Chen   Impression.Ocean


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