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Who Will Be the Final Winner of the 2022 Taiwan Fashion Design Award?

      The final selection show of the 36th Taiwan Fashion Design Award (TFDA) is coming soon. The contestants will gather and join the final contest at the Warehouse No. 4 of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park at 4 pm on October 13th. The fashion show exhibits contestants' works, interprets the design inspiration atmosphere with ambient LED digital images, and provides an immersive experience of designing. The whole competition will be simultaneously broadcasted live on the Facebook fan page of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB). We sincerely invite everybody to witness the final winner of the 2022 TFDA.


      The 12 finalists were prudentially selected from nearly 460 contestants from 17 countries and regions including Europe, America, and Asia. Under the key points of the theme, such as “creativity”, “sustainability”, “functions”, and “performance”, the works of the finalists have their own clever designs on both techniques and artistic aesthetics. For example, magnetic field lines are visualized into knitted three-dimensional structure design and colorful yarns with different thicknesses are knitted together to create layers of painting texture; different materials are mixed and overlapped, blending classic and modern minimalist silhouettes, to extend the life cycle of styles and take into account the meaning of sustainability; a crossover design integrated technical devices allows the person who wears this clothes to interact with the clothes. All the contestants seize this chance to show their abundant design capabilities with their best efforts in order to reveal themselves.


      TFDA is organized by IDB and executed by Taiwan Textile Federation. It leads Taiwan’s fashion industry gearing to international standards, cultivates talented designers, and provides opportunities for young designers to grow in order to gradually enhance their design capabilities and strengthen the foundation of the industry. The prizes are totally worth US$35,000 as physical encouragement and resources for young designers sponsored by the companies that value talents cultivations in the industry, which are Coddy Global Ltd., Fortune Industrial and Commercial Development Foundation, Lealea Enterprise Co., Ltd., Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd., New Wide Enterprise Co., Ltd., and New Wide Garment Co., Ltd.


      The works of the finalists were released early on the Facebook fan page of the IDB. The fan page is holding a lucky draw activity for predicting the final winner of the 2022 TFDA. We sincerely invite everybody to like, share, and comment on the post and will get the chance to get one ultra thin jacket with multiple pockets for free!


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