Mxxx Mxxx

2023 入圍Finalist
R459 李權諭Lee, Chuan Yu


靈感來源 / 設計理念

「Mxxx」涵蓋了西方傳統女、男性尊稱的Ms.、Mrs. 和 Mr.,以及未知符號X,意味著非二元性別的新時代。希望將此概念藉由蝴蝶做為具像化媒介,利用羽化蛻變、破繭重生,展現努力追求新自我之意,蝴蝶色彩斑斕的微小鱗片勇於突顯不同,蝴蝶振翅更喻示著世代的演進,展現出LGBTQ深層靈魂的存在渴望。

Concept / Inspiration

“Mxxx” encompasses the Western traditional titles for women and men, namely Ms., Mrs., and Mr., along with the unknown symbol “X”, signifying a new era of non-binary gender. This concept seeks to represent the idea through the metap22hor of a butterfly, utilizing the process of metamorphosis and rebirth through shedding its cocoon, symbolizing the pursuit of a new self. The vibrant and diverse colors of the butterfly’s delicate scales boldly emphasize uniqueness. The butterfly’s fluttering wings further symbolize the evolution of generations, revealing the longing for the profound essence of the LGBTQ community.





The concept is portrayed through the themes of rebirth from a cocoon and the versatility of detachable reconfiguration, embodying a spirit of sustainability and capturing the dynamic transformation of a butterfly. The detachable reconfiguration feature, coupled with its flexible design, extends the product's lifespan beyond its initial purpose, allowing it to be repurposed at the end of its lifecycle, such as in the case of pocket bags and convertible outerwear. Users can adjust the adjustable drawstrings to achieve a personalized fit, enhancing comfort. The woven umbrella cord design also enhances the bag's functionality, providing stability and added layers of practicality. Incorporating structural and specialized functionalities, the use of elastic and wind-resistant fabrics symbolizes the butterfly's resilience. With its bold colors, the vibrant butterfly print conveys a sense of non-binary identity that is unafraid of societal judgments and yearns for a transformative rebirth. Contrasting colors in the clothing palette create a dynamic contrast with the printed and woven fabrics. The choice of zipper material and color also considers functional impact, increasing the proportion of zippers within the garment to add functionality and visual appeal.