IN-CTNS 裝箱 In The Cartons

2023 最佳商業潛力Best Market Potential
R416 莊翔筌Chuang, Hsiang Chuan


靈感來源 / 設計理念



Concept / Inspiration

The concept behind this clothing series draws inspiration from shipping crates, incorporating their contours, textures, and details into the garments, creating a fusion of cardboard elements with fashion.

By infusing deconstructionist elements into the design, we dismantle traditional clothing structures, showcasing non-traditional silhouettes and providing a fresh visual experience.






In recent years, online shopping has become a significant channel for purchasing goods, leading to a substantial increase in the use of cardboard packaging. Therefore, drawing inspiration from everyday life, we explored how to incorporate cardboard boxes into fashion with a sustainable


In the selection of materials, we chose washable kraft paper and employed patchwork techniques to mimic the shape of cardboard boxes. We addressed the issue of disposable packaging waste, advocating for a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion. The combination of patchwork techniques added texture and visual interest to the clothing, emphasizing the unique fusion of cardboard box aesthetics.

We believe that the fusion of sustainable materials and creative design will resonate with individuals seeking eco-friendly fashion choices. By embracing the spirit of sustainability, our goal is to inspire people to transition towards more conscientious consumption habits while showcasing the beauty and versatility of cardboard boxes in the field of clothing design.