Unusual Beauty Unusual Beauty

2022 最佳版型運用Best Pattern Making
R058 汪千甯Wan, Chian Ning


靈感來源 / 設計理念

Unusual Beauty是一個反思氣候變遷、結合互動式裝置的高級訂製系列。全球氣候變遷造成極端氣候、冰山融化海平面上升,人類需要跨物種再進化以應變末日環境。系列通過學習奇異生物面對自然極熱、極地及水下環境的驚人適應力和防禦機制,探索新的時裝輪廓及材質應用、在互動穿戴藝術體驗中喚起環境保護的意識。

Concept / Inspiration

Climate change results in extreme events and sea level rise. Humans need to evolve into amphibians in environmental apocalypse. How fashion technology can help people defend the impact? Clothing is the best wearable device because it’s the basic human need. “Unusual Beauty” collection explores numerous animals from marine to terrestrial. Mimic constructional silhouette from unusual creatures by learning their amazing adaptations to extreme environments. Create fashion technology looks including Led-Lighting Up sensing distance, Auto-Inflate sensing temperature and Panel-Control responding to gesture with reflective, hologram material etc. Experiment tech adventures of interactive fashion wearable art to make people thinking more about conservation of nature.


Jellyfish 能感測物體靠近啟動 LED 呼吸光:海平面上升未來大部分陸地將淹沒至海裡,人類需要跨物種再進化成兩棲類。受到水下生物對光適應的啟發,它們大部分時間生活在黑暗中,發光是他們的語言,警告掠食者、吸引獵物或甚至表達愛意。
Blowfish 感測低溫會啟動行動幫浦充氣:跨物種防禦機制的概念,模仿河豚遇危險膨脹、極地生物濃厚的毛髮下形成的空氣層阻絕體溫散失,空氣是最環保無成本的填充來保暖。
Lizard 感測手勢捲起夜間反光布片進行散熱:蜥蜴在沙漠極熱環境適應的啟發,麟片開合做體溫調節。
Sea Angel 配備光束光纖、Sea Dragon及Beetle亦將光元素應用在面料。


“Jellyfish”- Breathing LED light sense distance. Inspired by underwater animal adaptation to the light because most of time they live in the dark. Light is their language, they light up to warn predators, attract potential food or express love. Feature light interaction sensing surrounding movement while people come around a specific distance would activate breathing LED light.
“Blowfish”- Auto-Inflate sense low temperature. Inspired by Antarctic animals equipped with an insulating layer of thick fur coat which traps a layer of air to preserve body heat. Features air pump sensing 5°C to activate portable pump, inflate and seal air to keep body heat. It is an eco-friendly alternative to fur and down.
“Lizard”- Panel Control sensing gesture with nighttime reflective glow. Have you ever seen clothes breathing? Features panel control (open/close) responding to gesture act like radiator to cool body down. Inspired by lizard scales (open/close) adapt to desert environments.
“Sea Angel”- Breathing LED light with end glow optical fibers. Inspired by Sea Angel glowing in sync to attract. “Sea Dragon” and “Beetle” also apply optical concepts into hologram fabrication.