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2021 入圍Finalist
R345 黃子恩Hwang, Tzu En


靈感來源 / 設計理念

寧靜, 當一切都達到平衡時,寧靜也會伴隨而來。 有一天,世界被包裹了起來, 擁有了延伸性,只能看見彼此的輪廓, 會不會一切都乾淨許多?

Concept / Inspiration

Tranquility When everything is equilibrated Tranquility comes along Someday in the future When the earth is all covered Being able to be extended And therefore finally sees each other’s silhouette Will the earth be more cleansed?


這系列作品的創作理念是「當一切都到達平衡時,寧靜也會伴隨而來」,希望呈現「寧靜」與「平衡」 相輔相成的氛圍。生活中我們不斷的在努力達成平衡,與人、是、其中也包含環境,唯有達到平衡才能 永續發展,現代社會越發先進,人們的慾望無窮,漸漸我們的生活失去了那個平衡點,開始爭吵、自然 的反撲、又或者自我本身失去寧靜的那一刻,什麼時候這一切被改變了?對我來說,功能與永續亦是如 此,尋找著之間的最佳平衡點。當一切都到達平衡時,伴隨而來的不僅有寧靜,許多是情也隨知達成。 而永續發展、功能、機能性在這其中扮演重要角色,這也是這系列中所提倡的核心價值之 一 。


The creative concept of this series of works is "when everything is equilibrated, tranquility comes along.” Hoping to present an atmosphere where "tranquility" and "balance" complement each other. In our lives, we are constantly striving to achieve a balance with people, beings, and the environment. Only when everything being balance that we can continue to develop. Modern society is becoming more advanced and people’s desires are endless. Gradually, our lives lose that balance point and start When the quarrel, the natural counterattack, or the moment when the self loses its tranquility, when is all this changed? For me, the same is true for function and sustainability, looking for the best balance between. When everything is in balance, there is not only tranquility, but also emotions. Sustainable development, function, and functionality play an important role in this, which is also one of the core values advocated in this series.