F=MA 終端速度 The Speed Climax

2021 入圍Finalist
R336 呂郁致Lu, Yu Chih


靈感來源 / 設計理念

在物理學中,「力」是任何導致自由物體歷經速度、方向或外型的變化的影響。「力」也可以藉由直覺的 概念來描述。速度成就了風,風造就了阻力,阻力影響了輪廓。速度千變萬化,它引領了時代革命,啟 動了世代潮流,讓紋絲不動的時代 一眨眼即為瞬息萬變。沒有速度終將沒有未來可言。

Concept / Inspiration

In physics, force can influence the speed, direction, and shape of any free- shaped object. Force can also be described with the concept of intuition. Acceleration evolves into wind, wind emerges as resistance, and resistance can alter the contour of an object. It has been a leading power in revolutions that changed the world, and introduced new trends over the generations. Force can break the conventional mold and bring innovation and change to life. Without force, there would be no future.


在布料及副料使用上混合了機能的元素包括「彈力繩」、「萊卡布」,以及利用學校所提供的廢布再重新 創造新的產物 (大部分的布料都是自己創造出來的)。在服裝上輪廓也是個以各種物理現象所攝取的靈 感。


Mixing the elements by using functional fabric and accessories, also re-using the fabrics that the school provided, giving it a new purpose. ( most parts of the fabric are originally made by me) On the garment, the silhouette of the clothing are inspired by the physical phenomenon.