CCK 股份有限公司 CCK Co., Ltd.

2021 入圍Finalist
R234 張嘉緯Chang, Chia Wei


靈感來源 / 設計理念

設定包裝、未來感為關鍵,延伸創作未來服飾「人體包裝」;我們以「公司的目光看產品」概念出發, 成立人體包裝品牌「CCK 股份有限公司」。 各位顧客您好,歡迎蒞臨西元 5996 年 CCK 股份有限公司年度發表會現場。現今人體包裝已成為常態, 本公司將為您展示最新一季人體包裝系列。讓我們開始今天的發表會。

Concept / Inspiration

Set packaging and a sense of the future as the key, and extend the creation of future apparel "body packaging"; we set up a human body packaging brand -"CCK Co., Ltd." based on the concept of "products from the company's eyes". Dear customers, welcome to the CCK Co., Ltd. annual product launch conference in 5996 AD. Nowadays, human body packaging has become the norm, and our company will show you the latest season of human body packaging series. Let's start today's presentation.


「包裝」為整個系列核心概念。為達永續發展,我們將舊衣拆解,並運用可自然降解的熱塑性聚氨酯 (Thermoplastic polyurethane, TPU ) 經特殊研發處理技術,使服飾產品如「真空包裝」的狀態,呼應 設計主軸,並兼顧永續發展。 本公司認為 TPU 面料的防風、防水等機能性強,將會是未來運用在服裝上的新趨勢。為增加穿著舒適 度,本系列於服裝的最底層設置彈性緊身衣,避免肌膚與面料直接磨擦,提升實穿性。 TPU 應用於服裝的例子目前較為少見。因此本系列的作品從版型、材質到工法,都希望能藉由嶄新的概 念發想,打破傳統面料應用的限制思維,期許未來服裝版型與材質的運用都將更加多元。


"Packaging" is the core concept of the entire series. In order to achieve sustainable development, we disassemble the old clothes and use the naturally degradable Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) through special treatment technology to make the product like a "vacuum package" state, echoing the design concept and taking into account sustainability development. Our company believes that TPU fabrics have strong functions such as windproof and waterproof, which will be a new trend in clothing in the future. In order to increase wearing comfort, this series sets elastic tights at the bottom of the clothing to avoid direct friction between the skin and the fabric and improve wearability. The application of TPU to clothing is relatively rare. Therefore, from the layout, material and construction methods of the works in this series, we hope to use brand -new concepts to break the limited thinking of traditional fabric applications. We expect that the use of clothing styles and materials will be more diverse in the future.