Living Structure Living Structure

2021 最佳版型運用Best Pattern Making
R171 李若綺Lee, Claire


靈感來源 / 設計理念

引入特殊紗線,將三浦摺紙的原理與札哈.哈蒂建築的雕塑輪廓運用在針織布料設計上,呈現出連續性 的立體結構和體積感。選擇漸層無色基調和線性流動感圖案加上毛衣電腦編織「成型技術」讓服裝更具 簡單俐落之現代感。

Concept / Inspiration

The collection introduces thermoplastic yarn and Miura’s origami principle, hence creates a continuous three-dimensional surface structure. The garment silhouette is inspired from the sculptural volume of Zaha Hadid’s architecture. In addition to the gradient achromatic color tone and linear pattern, computer knitting “fashioning technique” makes the clothes more sleek and modern.


本系列我以毛衣電腦編織「成型技術」去設計織造我的布料,使我的服裝在製作上的布料可以達到零浪 費。


The collection is using Computer Knitting "Fashioning Technique" to design my clothing pattern from top to bottom, so that the fabric of my garment can achieve zero waste.